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International trade and commerce has become the most dynamic force influencing current world events. The prosperity of nations and their citizens depends now more than ever before on their import/export balance of payments. When disputes arise between nations, their mutual trade relations are now often considered over their comparative military strengths; with the deployment of economic sanctions affecting trade and commerce as the preferred weapons of war.

The Whittier & Florestal law firm has over a quarter century of experience in guiding their clients through the maze of international trade laws and commercial litigation across national borders. We offer clients the benefit of our global network of attorneys, tax professionals and government civil servants to help clarify and direct the legal aspects of their business decisions.

We also are particularly expert in giving advice regarding legally compliant tax strategies for businesses operating trans-nationally; often where revenues are earned and expenses incurred in divergent jurisdictions.

You are cordially invited to contact the Whittier & Florestal law firm, to enquire as to any legal issue you may have concerning the protection of your international business transactions and cross-border projects.

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